Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Brandon Anderson Recruits Roman Todd!

Experienced commando Brandon Anderson is looking for new members. He has a special gift to find the best troopers in the world and this time it is no exception for he has found the mighty Roman Todd. To prove this they engage in the very first Roman Todd's mission in Active Duty with non stop anal sex right after having his head shaved!


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Monday, November 2, 2020

Muscle men nude beach! πŸ–️πŸ’ͺ

Join four of your favorite men and a newcomer for a day at the beach. Then, take a break with 265 pound ex college football player Ludvig to rub one out. Coming soon you'll be able to see a lot more of these sexy men.
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Wednesday, September 30, 2020

No pussy, no problem!

If you’re top dog you don't need to brag about it. We got sick of this bro always bragging about the pussy he brought in for the frat. We never saw no bitches coming in. Had to put this brother back in his place. Lie about bringing ass you're going to be our pussy. Finally got him to shut up...besides moaning from our dicks.

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Saturday, September 5, 2020