Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Kyle and Derek get acquainted!

Sporting the Lumbersexual look that he revels in, Kyle was called in last minute to pinch hit as Derek's bottom for this shoot. Derek's original partner fell ill last minute and, after a few calls, Marko Lebeau got a hold of Kyle while he was motor biking around the city on his Kawasaki 750 supersport.
As Derek's latest victim, Kyle was rather intimidated when we got his first eyeful of our MMA fighter's 9' weapon. 'Impressive' was the word he used prior to shooting.
Both guys were seated side-by-side, partially clothed and jacking off. Playing with their hard bodies, they watch each other's every move. Both stare at each other's monster dicks hard on the couch when Kyle moved in to lock lips with Derek. Derek happily reciprocates! 

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