Friday, June 18, 2021

Breeding a Grindr dude! πŸ“±πŸ’¦

Don't miss this SUPER HOT 15 minute video "After Work Pump N Dump: Big C Breeds A DL Grindr Dude". I got this vid edited and posted SAME DAY for ya'all. Alot of the vids take time to edit, and I always have a few vids in the pipeline process. BUT, on some special occasions (like this) I like to get ya'all the product in REAL TIME right away!!! I decided to try out this new grindr dude that had been hitting me up. He's a sexy, smooth pussied Latino bottom, and his place is en route to my work. We decided to fuck after 5:00 when I got off work at his place for an anon ass up scene... Street parking was easy, and his hole was ready for my big dick when I walked through the door. I love a good ass up boy, and he is skilled in every department. I'll definitely be using him again very soon! Enjoy!

Enter Here and Enjoy the Full Video at The Big C Men!