Friday, August 19, 2016

Aussie footballer showing off naked in the rooftop!

Most of the guys I shoot with here in Australia have never been naked in front of a camera before, and even less likely with another guy taking the photos. The real test for guys having their first shoot with me is getting naked outside. Today I am featuring our hot new mate James Nowak. He first shoot happened on my roof in the middle of the city. He thought it was pretty funny stripping off in the middle of all these city towers. I hadn't noticed how muscly this guy is until the buff 26 year old started to pull off his soccer jersey. And not only is he muscle bound, but he's sporting a huge fat cock too! It was a pleasure to watch James running around naked on my roof and stroking his cock. I'm looking forward to shooting a lot of hot scenes with him over the coming months.

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Wednesday, August 3, 2016

9" Businessman Kevin naked in Hawaii!

Horse Hung, 9”, Businessman Kevin arrived for his FIRST EVER jerk off video shoot, during his lunch break from the office, immaculately dressed in his blue business suit, complete with dress tie and gold watch! He immediately unzips his fly and flops out his Massive 9” COCK and BIG BALLS, while still fully suited in his office clothes! I spotted this handsome, Philadelphia, business man on Waikiki Beach with his girlfriend, on a sunny afternoon in Honolulu. It is so exciting to see a conservatively dressed professional stroking his monster meat WITH his work suit still on! Suit lovers will NOT want to miss this film!

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