Saturday, June 18, 2022

Football Nude! 🏈 First Time Bromance! πŸ”₯πŸ’―

Popular Long Dong 9" Bodybuilder Tall Tan Parker and his workmate, Fat Dick Little Lloyd and his belly slapper are back on for the first time in Hot Man on Man Hot Duo Action as the newest members of the Island Studs' Naked Football team in the rule-breaking popular series, Football Nude #15, posing and flexing their contrasting bodies fully nude for the very first time out in public beside a Mountain River as they strip down to their sexy black jockstraps and then totally nude pounding each other with the pigskin, before hugging, kissing, jerking, jogging, pissing, skinny-dipping, jumping, playing and stroking together while riding a water bull, then offering us a Hawaiian Hula Hug & Kissing Show complete with bright floral Leis around their smooth pecs and chest while wearing authentic Hula grass skirts which can NOT contain their muscle butts and bushy cocks, before walking down the beach holding hands in this Exclusive new Bromance video from Island Studs!

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