Saturday, July 16, 2016

Prince Talim is in great trouble!

Prince Talim is hardly worried going to the solicitor’s office. He’s had little troubles like this before. If he can’t muscle his way out of it with his army of ex-marines, he can always throw a few million at the problem to make it go away. His empire is worth billions and he foolishly believes he has nothing to lose. There’s no way for him to worm his way out of this tight situation! Prince Talim has been tricked into believing he must do whatever the pervy layer and his client want in order to avoid being dragged through court. Little does the big dumb lug know no one is behind they camera they have pointed at him while they grope his muscular body, cock and sexy arse! Not only must he endure being totally exposed but he must fuck himself with a vibrator as if this powerful businessman were nothing more than a cheap whore! Prince Talim has been tricked into being exposed and groped by these pervy men. They’ve manipulated his dick until it’s standing stiff and his cock head is fully sensitive to every brush of their fingers. His balls hang heavy and full of cum so that he loses all self control. The sensation of being completely humiliated overwhelms this proud hetero. They are determined to take this prince’s sperm!

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